People say people are the same all over the world. This just isn't true. Minnesotans are unique, and here in Rochester, I count at least six unique kinda of people you'll meet over and over again.

  • The Lost in the Subway'ers

    You know 'em. They have the confused or frightened look, the beads of sweat, and a touch of frantic in their voice. They're between appointments and. Just. Want. Some. For the love of God, they just want some chocolate! Help 'em out, friend.

  • The Mayo People

    Don't fall for stereotypes! Some Mayo people look like the people in the picture, but even more dress like you and me and never see a patient. 10's of thousands of people are employed by Mayo, but most of the time, the only way to tell is when the nametag is on and turned around. PS - They're all cussin' amazing because they, as a huge team, manage to make each patient feel like they're the most important person in the world!

    Thomas Northcut Think Stock
  • The Nothing is Quite as Good Here as it is Back Home'ers

    You can't throw a stuffed kidney without hitting an awesome craft brewery in the RST, but these dough-heads will say, "Good? Yes, but not great, and back in Philly there's a little place that I discovered..." PS - You KNOW next place they live, they'll be saying, "This is good, but back in Rochester we had..." so please, patience, no ear-hole punching.

    Kateryna Khyzhnyak
  • The Weather Talkers

    The Wether Talker is the person in Rochester that, at least once or twice a day, HAS to talk about the weather or they'll explode. And if I'm being honest, that's most of us. It's a thing here. Heck, we have winter storms in May, plus tornados, severe thunderstorms, and bet we're going to talk about it. It's fun, we've earned the right, and c'mon, join us in a toast!

  • The Kissers

    You might have heard Minnesotans don't much show their smoochy side. Not true!  The Kissers are everywhere. Restaurants, sidewalks, everywhere! Lockin' lips and lascivious looks abound! Affection is good, but don't make my mistake. Don't run in for a high-five to congratulate them on the love. Did NOT turn out well.

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  • The Community Celebraters!

    These are the people coming out to everything community, a downtown party, the National Night Out neighborhood celebrations, the Festival of Trees attendees. These folks are the glue that take this town from a good place to live, to a GREAT place to live, work, and raise a family. PS - We also like to party!