This is the year that our family is going to attempt tent camping.  I wrote that for the world to see so has to happen, right?!  I'm not a huge fan of camping though so I decided to find out what the best places were in the area so my first time out will be a positive and happy experience.  I asked the listeners at 103.1 KFIL and they came up with a great list...and one on the list has glowing recommendations.

Top 5 Places To Camp In Southeast Minnesota

5.  Hotel/Backyard  - Ok, this isn't really a valid campground or one that is AAA approved, but it did come up on the list.

4.  Money Creek Haven in Houston, MN - their website says that this is the most secluded spot in Southeast Minnesota, so if you are looking for that, this is a winner.  I checked out their website and there are cabins you can rent, and there are a lot of fun, outdoor activities on site too.  If you are ready to explore the outdoors here, this is their website:  Money Creek Haven 

3.  Lazy D Campground in Altura, MN - Whitewater Valley is a gorgeous area and if you want to enjoy the outdoors by a trout stream, this is the place.  The pictures on their website show horses, canoes, and a lot of fishing.  Ready to book your site?  Here is their website:  Lazy D Campground

2.  Old Barn Resort in Preston, MN - This is one that I've actually been to...not to camp...but to drop off my kids to go camping with their grandparents.  This is one of my favorite areas though because of the rolling hills and all of the fun nearby.  The trail to get to Lanesboro is nearby and you can go tubing, golfing, and so much more in this area of Minnesota.  Explore this campground at this website:  Old Barn Resort 

...and the number one pick by the 103.1 KFIL listeners was...(drum roll)

1.  Eagle Cliff Campground and Lodging in Lanesboro, MN - This is another great location in Southeast Minnesota and on the website, it states "naturally mosquito free" and restrooms that are clean.  Not sure how you eliminate mosquitos in Minnesota but if that is true, count me in!  If you are ready to go camping here, check out their website:  Eagle Cliff Campground and Lodging

What's your favorite camping spot?  I'd love to hear about it.  Send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram.

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