Sick of the cold already? Spring break is still so far away. Maybe you love this time of year, and want a place to soak it all in! Pack your bags. Here are the best winter getaway locations in the U.S. 

  • joshuaraineyphotography - ThinkStock
    joshuaraineyphotography - ThinkStock

    Snowmass Village, Colorado

    Snowmass is part of the Aspen/Snowmass ski resort complex in Colorado. Perfect for families that are looking for a more laid back and quieter ski experience. "The terrain has runs to suit beginners and the more advanced skiers and has an award-winning ski school."

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    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

    If you love this time of year, you'll love Yellowstone in the winter. The snow "transforms the park into a winter wonderland." The winter is the off season for the park, meaning less crowds and more areas to snowmobile with closed roads.

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    Sedona, Arizona

    Sedona will give you a break from the cold with the average temp around 60 degrees this time of year. Perfect hiking weather, without losing sight of winter with snow topping the peaks of the red mountains.

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    anyaberkut ThinkStock

    Big Island, Hawaii

    If you're like me, and would rather just escape the winter all together, the Big Island is calling. I recommend Kona - home of America's greatest coffee (my opinion). Kona will give you the tourist sights and sounds you crave, without the huge crowds like you'll get in Honolulu.

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    Lake Tahoe, California

    The beauty of Lake Tahoe is like no other. Get away from the crowd, and enjoy a peaceful wilderness experience, OR get close to the action and out on one of the several ski slopes.

    My cousin got married in Lake Tahoe, and when we were driving from the hotel to the wedding place, we stopped several times to take in the beauty and snap pictures. I can't imagine how gorgeous it is in the winter.

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