it's not Joanna and her flair, it's not a wacky uniform, it's just a t-shirt, but it made me laugh out loud, an honest and real LOL! It was at Grandma's Kitchen, which I've written about before (see the amazing egg salad sandwich HERE). For breakfast, I usually get two eggs over medium, hash browns, and a sausage patty (with an English muffin). Nothing fancy, but good and, on this day, funny.


When I went to pay, she was at the register.

"Does it bother you when people want to talk to you because they recognize you?"

-- Not at all!


-- Absolutely. If someone spends time with me each morning, I'm happy to give 'em my time. Also, it's fun...people are cool."

"That's great!"

then she rings me up and that's when I notice her t-shirt. I laugh out loud, and ask to take a picture because it really brightened my day! I don't know what a waitperson's goal is, but if part of it is to add a smile to their customer's day, WINNING!

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