I spend far too much time on TikTok, but the content is just so good and so entertaining. What's that phrase? The time you enjoyed wasting wasn't actually wasted? TikTok is that wasted time for me.

Recently my home feed has been filled with a lovely woman from Pennsylvania who takes her pet duck to different coffee chains to get it refreshing beverages. The duck's name is Munchkin and watching her drink water out of a cup has been nothing short of pure joy.

@dunkin.ducksShe prefers @dunkin any day, but we had to try out a strawberry water! ##dunkinducks ##dunkin ##starbucks ##drivethru ##water♬ original sound - The Quack House

When the duck is treated to Dunkin she gets ice water, and at Starbucks, she gets strawberries added to her ice water. Super fancy and cute. 

This "bring your duck through the drive-thru" trend has made it to Minnesota. Popular app user @DancesWithWerewolves was in line for Starbucks down in the cities and saw that the car behind her in line had two humans, as well as a dog and a duck along for the ride. What I find so crazy about this situation isn't that it is happening, it's the fact that it is happening down in the cities. This seems like a rural Minnesota thing. Seeing a farm animal in a drive-thru line isn't out of the ordinary when you live in small-town Minnesota. But putting a duck in your BMW in the cities just seems a little out of place.

@danceswithwerewolvesI mean, it’s the BMW for me. ‍♀️ ##duck ##mn ##mncheck ##minnesota ##starbucks ##fyp ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

You do you drive-thru duck lady. I hope everyone in your car had a great time, enjoyed their treats, and I really hope you have a video of it you'll be sharing on TikTok soon.

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