I just want it to stop.

Seems like only yesterday when I'd log on to Facebook and see my newsfeed clogged with pictures of pets, food and even my friend's kids doing that cute thing they do for the hundredth bleeping time... Or how about the days when you'd see people's statuses made up of comments like "I just got back from the gym, can't wait to shower!" Yep, pretty lame, but non-controversial.

Now I feel like every time I log onto to Facebook I'm in the middle of an argument I didn't even start... and you know what I'm talking about - because almost EVERYTHING feels political these days! After the State of the Union Speech last night, my Facebook's been especially annoying today.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of it.

Well, I'm here to cheer you up with some good news because there IS a way you can filter out those political posts that have taken over your newsfeed. This could help save your relationships with friends and even your loved ones.

Or if anything, you'll at least get your normal mundane newsfeed back to where it used to be - boring:

In case you need further help getting away from all the noise, here's a really cool historic bar that's only an hour's drive from Rochester you can check out!

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