St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) -  The State Fire Marshal is warning about the potential dangers posed by so-called hoverboards.

Officials say a preliminary investigation has found a house fire last month in western Minnesota that injured a woman and killed four dogs was caused by a malfunction in a charging hoverboard. Investigators say hoverboards with lithium ion battery packs pose a risk of smoking, catching fire, or even exploding.

The owners of the devices are urged to read the operating and charging instructions carefully, and check if their hoverboard is included in a recall the covers over 500,000 of the devices. (Click here to see the list)

Even if a particular hoverboard is not on the recall list, Fire Marshal Bruce West says it can still be dangerous. To ensure safety, West advises being present while a hoverboard is charging and to follow specific instructions about how long the hover board can stay on the charger.

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