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If you were in Faribault or near the area in the middle of September of 2018 you probably remember the tornado that ripped through and left a pretty big mess at the Faribault Airport. Now imagine being less than one mile away from that tornado. That's what happened to Minnesota storm chaser Brad Nelson.

I was at the Taste of Faribault when the tornado came through. I remember the power going out and then hanging out in the bathroom to protect ourselves in case the tornado came our way. Everyone was looking at the radar and trying to listen to see if we could hear anything. Some people were looking out the door and said the rain was falling sideways.

We were at the Faribault America Legion when all of this happened. That's located about 2.91 miles from the Faribault Airport. I can't imagine being any closer to the storm than that! But Minnesota storm chaser Brad Nelson was very close and he narrowly escaped.

He shared a video of the tornado on YouTube where he says that he was less than one mile south of the Faribault Airport. Less than a mile! I would be so scared but that's also why I'm not a storm chaser.

Check out Brad's video:

I'm not sure what makes you a "professional" storm chaser (or if a professional storm chaser is even a thing) but I would imagine that Brad is pretty good at this considering he's done it so much. THIS is Brad's YouTube channel if you wanted to see more of his storm chasing. In July of this year, he chased his 100th storm.

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