Millions of people are excited to check out the solar eclipse today. If you're going outside to see it, make sure you wear eye protection! Failing to do so could lead to permanent blindness.

A recent Time article on 'Eclipse Blindness' explains, there are no immediate symptoms or pain. In fact people who have damaged their eyes won't typically know until the next morning when they get out of bed.

Imagine the nightmare of waking up and not being able to see?!?

Dr. B. Ralph Chou, former optometry professor and current president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, was interviewed in the article and explained what people would experience that next morning, "They can’t see faces in the mirror, they can’t read the newspaper or the smartphone display, they’re having trouble looking at road signs, and basically they’ve got this center spot in their vision that is intensely blurred."

There are no remedies. The damage is permanent.

Wear protective glasses, if you've going to view the eclipse today.

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