We all know how brutal Minnesota winters are. We get a ton of snow, and then we will have arctic-like temperatures for weeks on end. It is all apart of the prime location that we call home. We love it, too!

According to a list put together by thrillist.com, they believe Minnesota has the most miserable winter! Hard to believe, right?

The post mentions that part of northern Minnesota gets "170 inches of snow...and can get down to -60 degrees."

I mean, that is pretty cold and that is a lot of snow!

I was actually surprised at some of the list. The top 5 included Minnesota, Michigan, North Dakota, Alaska and Maine. I thought states like Wyoming (12), Idaho (8) and Montana (9) would but higher on the list.

As expected, Hawaii (50), Arizona (49) and California (48) ranked at the bottom of the list. Colorado (47) was the most surprising to me. I thought it would be much higher, but I never been to Colorado in the winter. My guess is that the winter sports are always available in Colorado because they don't get the cold like we do here in Minnesota.

We all know that Minnesota is pretty miserable in the winter. Not only does the weather change 80 degrees over the span of the week, if you count windchill, but our sports team always seem to choke in the winter.

If you are new here, don't worry, you get used to it!

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