In the latest study, it was revealed that the Toyota Prius was the vehicle that Minnesotans kept driving for 15 years or more.

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What about Rochester?

The Toyota Prius did not even make the Top 5.

According to a study completed by iSeeCars, on average people keep their new cars for 6-7 years. iSeeCars decided to take it one step further, and dive in to see which new vehicles are Rochester drivers most likely to keep for more than twice as long. Yes, looking at 15+ years.

So, iSeeCars analyzed over 660,000 cars and determined that the vehicle that drivers are most likely to keep for 15+ years in the Rochester-Austin-Mason City area is the Toyota Highlander. It wasn't the only Toyota to make the list, either.

The Top 5 included:

1. Toyota Highlander
2. Toyota Sienna
3. Toyota Camry
4. Honda CR-V
5. Honda Odyssey

According to the study, 13.1% of the orginal owners of Toyota Highlanders keep the vehcile for longer than 15+ years. The Toyota Highlander is also the SUV that is most likely to be kept for 15+ years across the entire country, where 12.4% of original owners of the vehicle keep it for 15+ years.

So, while the Toyota Prius was the car that Minnesotans drive for 15+ years, the Toyota Highlander was the vehicle that drivers in Rochester are most likely to keep for 15+ years.

15 is a long time to drive the same vehicle, and some are better at it than others. I have had two vehicles in my life, and the first one was a Ford Ranger which I had for seven years before changing to my current vehicle that I have had for just two.

I hope to make it 15 years with this one! You can read the full study on which vehicle orginal vehicle owners are keeping the longest right here.


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