The United States has a baby problem. There aren’t enough being born! The U.S. fertility rate for women is currently 1.64 children in her lifetime which is the lowest it has ever been since records started being kept back in the 1930s. If you want to dive deeper, has a ton of insight and explains that when the “replacement level fertility” dips below 2.1 it affects a country’s economic growth.

We discussed this on the Get Up and Go morning show and wondered if large families are a thing of the past. My mom came from a family with nine kids, and I don’t think that was uncommon for that time period, but you don’t hear of large families like that as much nowadays. We asked our audience who has the most kids and heard from several listeners who are doing their part to populate the earth.

Click play to hear about some of the biggest families in the Rochester area.

  • Reed called and told us he and his wife “completed the Brady Bunch” when their sixth child was born on Memorial Day.
  • Holly called and told us she has a big family. She jokingly admitted that the first was planned and the next six were oopsies. Her seven kids range in age from 27 to 7-years-old.
  • George called and said he was married to his first wife for 19-years and has been married to his second wife for 38-years. He said he had six kids with his first wife and four with his second.

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