Call me cynical, call me picky, call me whatever you want - I just hope you'll call me logical!

Just as many Rochester drivers do during their morning commute, I notice that the closer you get to downtown, the crazier the traffic is. I'm not necessarily talking about the number of drivers on the road - I'm talking about how they're driving.

I see THIS every morning on my way into town right as 4th Ave NW intersects with Civic Center Drive. Do you notice something weird?

TSM Rochester

That's right! It's a wide road. There's no lane differentiation, and yet we're creating it - just because the road is wide.

I understand that a few feet after the rail tracks there is indeed a lefthand turning lane. HOWEVER, do we need to start preparing for this so far ahead of the lane? I see people begin this process as far back as where 4th Ave NW intersects with 8th St. NW in some cases.

In my opinion, a wide road doesn't automatically mean it's two lanes. We're merging when there's no indication to do so. Accidents happen when this behavior occurs. It's unsafe and unnecessary.

Here's some Minnesotans doing it right.

TSM Rochester

You see, it's a wide road BUT there is clear indication of how to use it.

Do you guys agree that this is an annoying habit? Do you think it's one that should stop in Rochester? Here are the actual lane rules for Minnesota. Unfortunately, it doesn't specify what to do when there are no lane markings.