I've been waiting seven agonizing months to say this: Football season is back baby!

Fall is my favorite time of the year already, but outside of my birthday I always love the first week of September because that means I can go back to my regular Saturday and Sunday routines of plopping my butt on the couch and watching my two favorite teams (Gophers and Vikings) bash helmets on the gridiron every weekend.

But if you're like me and also like to get out of the house once in a while to cheer on your own favorite franchise with your fellow die-hard fans, then Rochester has plenty of places to enjoy a cold beverage or tasty grub to watch the game.

Below are my votes for the 7 best places to watch the Vikings 2018 season opener:


  • Credit: Whistle Binkies Official Fan Page via FB
    Credit: Whistle Binkies Official Fan Page via FB

    Whistle Binkies Old World Pub

    Whistle Binkies will  always get my vote based on their food alone, but it's also a really fun place to hang out during the game too. I watched a preseason game at their lake location earlier this year and I was glad to see several other Vikings fans cheering as loud as me at all their TV's. I suggest you join them for their Sunday brunch, then stick around for football as you slowly settle into your food coma... Perfect Sunday Funday!

  • Credit: Dooley's Pub via FB
    Credit: Dooley's Pub via FB


    With a giant horseshoe bar and dozens of big screen TV's, Dooley's is one of the best bars to watch a game. They've got this massive Brady Bunch-like setup on their north wall with about nine (yes, nine) flat screens so you could probably watch every NFL game that's on all at once! Plus their apps are just awesome - I suggest you try their cheese curds or Decker wings!

  • Credits: Roosters via FB
    Credits: Roosters via FB

    Roosters Barn & Grill

    With now two locations in town, you can hit up either of their north or south locations for some amazing chicken. I prefer their Rooster's Too! location based on their setup with all the flat screens (see picture), but you'll always get great service during game day!

  • Credit: Wildwood via FB
    Credit: Wildwood via FB

    Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill

    One of my all-time favorite spots in town, you can't go wrong with a single thing on their extensive menu, especially their chicken wings. Seriously, they're as big as a toddler's fist! Plus they've got their second location now open in Byron. If you're wild about food that's seriously good, then hit up Wildwood this Sunday!

  • TSM Rochester
    TSM Rochester

    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Wings. Beer. Sports. - 'Nuff Said!

    C'mon, watching sports is in their slogan for crying out loud... so how can you not go there? Now with their new location open, there's even more TV's and seating for the ultimate Sunday Funday with your friends.

  • Credit: Beetle's Bar & Grill
    Credit: Beetle's Bar & Grill

    Beetle's Bar & Grill

    Seems every time I bring up Beetle's Bar & Grill, I always get the same response, "Oh yeah, I forgot about Beetle's!" I've never ever had a bad meal there, and the service is always so good. Even though this place is no secret, it's kind of my own hidden gem of a spot to go in town. While there aren't as many TV's as other places mentioned on this list, I can still vouch it's a fun place to watch any game.

  • Credit: Pappy's Place via FB
    Credit: Pappy's Place via FB

    Pappy's Place

    Excellent menu, plenty of beer options, and all your fellow purple faithful fans all under one roof? Yep, this is the place to be on game day! Plus at the end of every game, they give away a free "purple" jersey! Don't forget about Pappy's Place!

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