With last nights rainfalls, we had to expect some flooding.

And with more rain in the forecast for today, it could get ugly around here. Right now, the rain has stopped. But another batch of storms in on the way. Not to mention all the rain that hit north of us.

This morning, the rain gauge at the KFIL studio read 3.5 inches. And as fast as the rains came, I can see that being true. The thunder and lightning show was something else too. Lots of flashes and rumbles.

The KFIL studio is pretty close to the river, so I ventured down there to see what it looked like. And as expected, it was pretty high. From the looks of the mud on the bike trail, it was much higher. So all that said, we will see what today and tonight brings us. Hopefully the rain slows down, and the river goes down. Flooding is a horrible thing, but shows us the power of rain and mother nature.

Here are a few pictures I look of the bike trail this morning. As I was standing down there, I actually saw the river rise, so it was time to leave.