It might be as easy as this....

You have saved up enough to finally by that brand new car. You head to the gas pump for the first time, and think........ I am going to treat my car to some high octane gas. We have all done it, heck even I have. But there is a new study that shows if your car is made to run on normal octane, you might be wasting money.

The story was on, and it is really interesting. Premium gasoline on average is about 50 cents more per gallon. Take that times how many times you fill up, and it really adds up. The articles says US drivers spent $2.1 Billion they didn't have to spend. That is one big chunk of change.

Easiest way to know what octane is recommended for your car, check your owners manual. It will let you know, and you can start saving a little money.

But check out the article on The info is great, and the article has many tests that were done to help back the new findings.