You heard it right, September 21st 2015

Hovering over Rochester at 2PM, witnesses claimed to see a large black arrowhead shaped craft. Now I saw the story and the date and thought.....


But no, it was a year ago today aliens visited Rochester, and the website has the story. And the sighting was documented. You can get access to the entire file through the website also.

But the day was described as a clear day, no clouds in the sky. And then there it was, hovering silently above Rochester..

The case was however closed after an investigation. But what do you think. Do you think Rochester was visited by aliens exactly a year ago today. Or was it something just in the sky.

Aliens are always a topic. It's hard to believe we are the only ones in the universe. But what brought them to Rochester. I guess we will have to wait for the next sighting to find out.