I rarely see my co-workers on the weekend.  Saturday was the exception to the rule.  Luke Lonien and I bowled in the Scotch Doubles Tournament at B&B Bowl in Preston.  Throughout the afternoon, I remembered that Luke and Ben Aberg had worked together that morning broadcasting Coaches Corner.  So I asked Luke "Did Ben take the Girl Scout cookies home?"  That unopened case of cookies that tempted me all day Friday.  Luke said yes, Ben had.  I asked "the whole case"?  Yes, the whole case.  "He didn't leave us any?".  Nope, he took the whole case.  I had dreams Friday night about biting into one of those cookies Monday morning.  My dream was now shattered.

IEdwards TSM

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and my monthly grocery shopping trip to Rochester.  What did I see at the WalMart entrance?   Girl Scouts selling cookies!  One sweet little girl asked me if I wanted to buy a box.  "Well, of course, but only if you have Lemonades", I replied.  Yep!  They had Lemonades.  Walking to my car cookies in hand, I was happy as a dog with a bone!  Who needs you, Ben Aberg!  Well, actually I need you.  You always make me smile when we exchange Seinfeld banter.  Will I share my cookies with Ben?  Probably so because as Devon Krueger used to tell me, I'm a real nice gal.  Come Monday morning, I'll be sitting at my desk, sipping green tea and eating a Lemonade cookie.  Life is good!