Whether it be Judy Garland's timeless portrayal of Dorothy in 1939's The Wizard of Oz, or Anya Taylor-Joy turning heads in the 2020 mastery of Beth Harmon in the Netflix adaptation of The Queen's Gambit, film and television actresses have turned out performances with grace and talent time and time again.

While films and shows such as these will rightfully mark these women's places in history, it is not uncommon that the people they've fashioned themselves into in real life are even more impressive than the characters they portray.

Stacker organized a list of celebrities' ages by looking at the top ten actors for each year using IMDb's STARmeter and determining the most popular by whoever had the most Wikipedia page views from January 2020 through December 2020. It's important to acknowledge that much of this list, especially the first half, is comprised of white women, which is likely due to the scarcity of leading roles for women of color.

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Many of the actresses in this story not only made a name for themselves through their collection of iconic performances, but also through the selfless, philanthropic nature with which many of them approached their stardom. In an age of flipping the script on societal norms, many of these actresses are using their voices and platforms to be advocates for those who are otherwise unheard.

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