February 14 is National Donor Day. This includes organs, eyes, blood, tissues, platelets and bone marrow. Are you a donor? I've never donated blood. My fear of needles prevents me from doing so; I'm terrified to even have a simple blood draw done at the doctor's office. And I haven't taken the step to have that box on my driver's license checked as being an organ donor. After doing some research about organ donation, I might have to rethink it.

Here are some staggering facts:
Currently there are 119,000+ people on the national transplant waiting list.
Each day, 22 people die waiting for a transplant.
In 2015, 30,970 transplants were performed.
Every ten minutes, another person is added to the waiting list.
One donor has the potential to save eight lives by donating their heart, two lungs, liver, pancreas, two kidneys and intestines.

For more information about organ donation, visit Organ Donor.

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