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Some famous guests have been spotted around Rochester lately including Gerard Butler at Thursdays Downtown and at the Olmsted County Fair, and Ivanka Trump and Jarod Kushner were spotted walking downtown, too.

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Did anyone happen to see Bob Odenkirk in Rochester?

The 'Better Call Saul' star spent at least SOME time in Rochester, but it would have been really difficult to spot it since he was in a car. Watch the clip of the scene below.

Bob & Nate Odenkirk In Conversation With David Cross: Audible's "Summer In Argyle"
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The season finale of AMC's hit show airs Monday night, but in last week's episode "Waterworks", Rochester was featured for just a brief moment as Odenkirk's character was seen driving while singing Blondie's hit 'The Tide Is High."

Thanks to our listener Duane Ellsworth who messaged us the tip:

"Tonight is the last episode of “Better Call Saul”. I watched last week’s episode and noted that the second to the last scene had Saul driving and singing, “The tide is high.” What is important is where he was driving. Even though the show is based in Omaha Nebraska, he was clearly driving south on North Broadway approaching the northern Hills stoplight."

'Better Call Saul' Takes a Drive on North Broadway in Rochester,  Minnesota

While the camera is focused on Odenkirk, you can clearly see in the background that he is driving on North Broadway and making his way to Northern Heights Drive. It becomes even more evident when the camera flips and you get Odenkirk's view of the road and it begins to curve.

You can check out the clip below and see a couple of landmarks that stick out including the Evangel United Methodist Church, the 45 mph speed limit sign, and all of the cars on the lot at Gilly's Auto Sales.

With the scene being filmed in the winter, you can get a pretty good look at North Broadway Dental Care and Rochester Metro Treatment Center.

While it is just a short moment of the show, it is one of the best scenes in the episode and will surely stick in the minds of us in southeast Minnesota. One blogger that tracks all of the filming locations for the show did confirm that this scene was shot in Rochester -- "Gene drives and sings, N. Broadway Ave. and Northern Heights Dr. NE, Rochester, MN (44.049105, -92.455697) ("Better Call Saul," Season 6, episode 12, 'Waterworks').  Blondie's "The Tide is High."

The section of North Broadway in Rochester, MN seen in a final scene of Better Call Saul S6 E12
The section of North Broadway in Rochester, MN seen in a final scene of Better Call Saul S6 E12

The finale is scheduled for Monday night (8/15) on AMC at 8 p.m.

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