You're out somewhere, you see a dog sitting in a completely locked up and closed up vehicle. It's hot out and the animal appears to be not doing well. Can you break into the vehicle and free the animal?

According to Minnesota law, you might face a fine for doing it. According to a 2016 Minnesota statute, a peace officer, a humane agent, a dog warden, or a volunteer or professional member of a fire or rescue department of a political subdivision may use reasonable force to enter a motor vehicle and remove a dog or cat that has been left in the vehicle in a manner that endangers the dog's or cat's health or safety.

What you may have seen on social media saying that you can do so without penalty is not true.

Police urge that you call 911 so they can assess the situation. There are so many factors and questions involved. If you decide you can't wait, you could get hit with a $25 fine and have to work out payment for any damages with the vehicle owner.

I think if I saw a child in that situation, I don't think I'd wait. How about you?

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