Ever have one of those days when you just want to break stuff?

Same here, Fred.

A lot of great things come from Canada: hockey, poutine, peanut butter, and Shania Twain, just to name a few.

We’re going to have to add another thing to the list.

An amusement park in Calgary called “Thundrdome” has debuted what they call the RAGE ROOM, and it looks awesome. With packages starting at $20, you get to enter a room with a baseball bat or sledgehammer and unleash fury on everything inside. You know, like you’re a world-famous rockstar trashing your hotel room. Yes, please. Who hasn’t fantasized about doing that?

There are different rooms to choose from, but here are a few ones that caught my eye:

“Office Space”

  • 10 small items
  • 8 medium items
  • 6 large items
  • 1 printer

“Date Night”

  • 8 small items
  • 4 medium items
  • 2 large items
  • 2 electronics

“Super Smash”

  • 20 small items
  • 12 medium items
  • 8 large items
  • 2 electronics

While I’m probably not heading to Canada anytime soon, this definitely seems like something that could work anywhere. What I’m saying is that the Rage Room needs to come to Rochester. I think it’s a great idea for those of us who’d like to relieve stress by destroying things we don’t own without the whole responsibility of having to clean up afterwards. That’s pretty much the dream, isn’t it?

Any Med City entrepreneurs want to bring this here? I’d pay at least $20 to break your stuff. Just sayin'.

Source: Thundrdome & YouTube

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