Granted those fall temperatures gave us a tiny tease of what's to come earlier than usual this year... but it’s still only mid-September, and I'm already seeing ghosts and goblins across lawns around Rochester

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With the first day of fall just days away (Friday) Halloween decorations are already popping up. But the thing is, I’ve been seeing them for over a week now. In fact, a yard I drive past on my way to my daughters daycare every day suddenly exploded with decorations over the weekend.


Now don’t get me wrong, it looks awesome, but what gives?

Is it just a matter of “hey the weather’s been great, so let’s just do it now and get it over with” sorta thing – Or are these folks seriously obsessed with Halloween?  I’d love to know!

Of course, this could be seen in the same light as tossing the Christmas lights and tree up before Thanksgiving (even though that’s an entirely new argument) but I do find it funny to see pumpkins on your door steps when the leaves in your front yard haven’t even begun to fall from the trees yet.

We’ve already got Pumpkin Spice everything to remind us fall is coming, so why usher out our remaining days of summer with scarecrows, tombstones and graveyards on your property?

I should point out that I’m not the fall version of the Grinch, but I’m also not one of those Halloween purists either, if such a thing exists… but is there a certain time of year that’s acceptable to hang up the “crashing witch in your tree” ornament?

Let me know what you think below:

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