Obviously it's not Christmas - that has passed.  Today is National Bird Day.  Originally started to by bird watching enthusiasts, National Bird Day has become a big deal to bird brains like me.  Folks celebrate by learning about birds, bird watching, bird drinking games (not sure what that is all about) and going on bird dates.  One of the most important ways to celebrate is bird adoption.  Here are my three adopted birds.  Jade is a parrotlet, which is essentially a mini-parrot.

 She is named for her brilliant jade coloration. Good thing I picked a non-gender name.  I thought Jade was a boy until she started laying eggs!

IEdwards TSM Roch

My other parrotlet is Blue, my "naked bird".  You'll note that he has beautiful feathers on his head, but his belly and back are pretty sparse.  He will grow them back, but lose them just as fast.  He is a happy fella though,  loves pineapple and mandarin oranges.


Billy is my parakeet; named after Billy Joel.  Billy is the most happy and content of my three feathered friends.  He spends most of his day kissing himself in the mirror.  So there you have it, friends.  My reasons for celebrating National Bird Day.  If you have any birds, I'd love to see photos of them!