There's a stretch of Highway 65 in McGrath, MN that's not the most exciting thing to drive. That is until you see all of the colorful ducks in the ditch! There are dozens of these colorful ditch ducks floating around in the water in this ditch. But how did it all get started?

A couple, Joanne Ledin and Jeff Sutton, take that stretch of 65 to get to their cabin like many people do and they're the ones responsible for the ditch ducks. KARE 11 says that "during the trip, Joanne would always spot an old log sticking out of the water and mistake it for a turtle."

So what did they do? Two summers ago they decided to paint a fake duck yellow and toss it in there. Jeff said it was so Joanne would quit calling the log a turtle. And for whatever reason, it took off and other people started tossing their own painted ducks in the ditch. KARE 11 says some ducks are in honor of lost loved ones, some represent sports teams, but they're all very colorful!

What's even more awesome is that in the winter Joanne and Jeff take care of the fake ducks and then put them back come spring. Joanne told KARE 11 that "'We started it - we figured we should maintain them, any sick ones we take out, nurse back to health.'” They also make sure the ditch is clear of any trash.

These Ditch Ducks actually have a Facebook page you can check out! You could even throw your own duck in the ditch. If you do make sure to send us a picture!

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