Easter is taking place this weekend, and many families throughout Southeast Minnesota will gather together for the traditional Easter Egg Hunt and big family dinners. Typically, ham is the Easter meat of choice for many American families. But some families will be eating something else for dinner on Sunday, and it comes straight from Southeast Minnesota.

Yes, I am of course referring to the Austin, MN delicacy that is known as SPAM. While I don’t necessarily get the crazy personally, people in Hawaii go insane for it. So why would other families choose SPAM over ham for Easter? Other than personal taste preferences?

Because SPAM is cheaper. The average price of a 6-ounce can is around $2.62, which is about 44 cents per ounce. That’s compared to ham, which is 70 cents an ounce. Is that 26 cents worth it? I’ll leave that up to you. But it’s still pretty cool that Southern MN is making Easter happen for a lot of families worldwide, no?

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