Is it true that The Landing is purchasing the old Whiskey Bones property in Rochester, Minnesota?

You may have heard the news and concerns recently in the Post Bulletin about The Landing, MN's plans to purchase a property in NE Rochester for their day center to help continue to serve the homeless population in Rochester, Minnesota.  The article mentioned that some neighbors had met to discuss their concerns about a homeless center coming to their neighborhood.  The concerns are all valid and range from safety to transportation issues from the heart of downtown Rochester to the outlying neighborhood.

From the story, it sounded as if the neighbors met without anyone from The Landing, MN available to help answer any questions and concerns.  I could be wrong but I'm not sure if any of the individuals that met at Tavern 22 have spoken directly with the team at The Landing, MN or been at the Silver Lake Fire Station to see what's happening each day.  So, to hopefully help find answers for the neighbors and anyone else in the community that might have concerns, I reached out to Holly and Dan at The Landing, MN to see if they could join me for a Zoom call to chat a bit.  It was a great conversation that answers all of those questions and even more and the video is below if you'd like to see it.

Get an inside look at The Landing, MN and the people in our community that are served daily.

Over 370 unique individuals were served in the last two months at The Landing in Rochester, Minnesota.  It is hard to deny that there is a homeless population that needs help and services when that many people walk through the doors of a place that hasn't been open very long.  In a few months, those doors many be closed again but right now, The Landing is committed to be there every day to help those who need a place to land.

The Landing, MN is giving the homeless in Rochester, Minnesota a place to land.

While Rochester, Minnesota is home to the world-famous Mayo Clinic, it is also home to many who are facing homelessness. Thankfully, in 2018, The Landing MN was founded which is a resource-based non-profit organization that assists multiple individuals with fulfilling needs, such as handling medical resources, seeking housing, and obtaining necessities for day-to-day living. Get a glimpse at the impact The Landing, MN is making in the community at the photos below and at their website here.

Do you have questions or concerns for The Landing, MN?

As Holly stated in the video, if you have questions or concerns, please share those with them.  You can find all the contact info for The Landing, MN at their website here.

Full disclosure - I also am on the board of directors for The Landing, MN and have been overwhelmed by the passion and servant attitudes that the team at The Landing, MN.  I'm truly thankful for all who play a part in serving the members of our community that are experiencing homelessness and helping them have a place to land.

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