There always seems to be something that residents haven't come across, or have always wanted to check out. Minnesota's Scenic Waterfall Loop is one on my bucket list.

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There are so many to choose from, but this loop in particular is not where most folks go to check out waterfalls. This one, is practically in South Central Minnesota

It starts at Minnehaha Falls, then wraps around to Vermillion Falls, Hidden Falls, Caron Falls, Minnemishinona Falls, Minneopa Falls, Red Rock Falls, and finally Ramsey Falls.

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According to Only In Your State, the loop covers about 340 miles, making it a great weekend road-trip for family and friends. Get driving directions here.

The waterfall route covers a wide swath of southern Minnesota, starting in Minneapolis and quickly heading west. The route is about 340 miles. It would make a great weekend trip.

Each of the eight waterfalls have their own scenic beauty and whether it is the very popular Minnehaha Falls, or a more peaceful spot like the Hidden Falls near Nearstrand, there is something for everyone.

One of my favorite parts of this loop is that it takes you to a part of the state that not many folks will visit. There are some very cool things to see in this part of the state, and this loop of eight scenic waterfalls is just one great way to do it.

Check out some photos of the waterfalls for yourself from Only In Your State. This is one road trip that I just might have to convince my wife to take. It looks like one great weekend trip.


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