I don't spend a lot of time decorating at Christmas time.  A few strings of lights in my windows, a penguin stocking on my front door, my little tree given to me by friends.  And a nativity set.  I have several nativity sets.  I love them.  After all, they tell the story of the reason we celebrate Christmas.

IEdwards TSM

The photo you see here is my favorite nativity.  As far back as I can remember, this nativity had a special place in our living room during the holidays.  It was made in 1957 by a friend of my parents who was wheelchair bound from polio.  It's very fragile, made of corrugated cardboard and some other type of pressed cardboard, held together with glue, thumbtacks and straight pins.  The choir boy candles on either side of the crib have held up over the years without melting.  The ornaments are faded and the trees losing their snow flocking.  The music box still beautifully plays "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful".  I feel very fortunate that this heirloom was passed down to me.  I cherish it and the memories that it brings back every Christmas when I gingerly take it out of its storage box.  What treasured Christmas ornament or decoration do you look forward to displaying every year?  We would love to see it.  Send an email with a photo of your decoration to Ilene.edwards@townsquaremedia.com.  After we receive a few photos, we'll get them posted on our website and Facebook for everyone to appreciate.  Merry Christmas, friends, and may your holidays be filled with new memories that you will cherish forever.