McDonald's are sort of uniform now, right? They are basically all exactly the same and you can expect the same thing at every single one. McNuggets, Big Macs, and amazing French Fries.

Some McDonald's though are just a little bit different. In fact, there are only 13 of them that share the same feature.

The original Golden Arch!

There are 13 across the country that still has the original arch, and one of them is right here in Minnesota. You may have even seen it yourself in Apple Valley.

Apple Valley's McDonald's One of Just 13 McDonalds With The Original Golden Arch

Photo from Google Street View
Apple Valley McDonald's - Photo from Google Street View

According to this story from Yahoo, they found a total of 12 McDonalds with the original design by Ray Kroc, but the Apple Valley McDonald's also holds that title.

The Apple Valley location also has the unique arches down the sides of the building that you just don't typically see on the standard McDonalds. In fact, so many McDonald's have a neutral design and color now, it is refreshing to see some of the old-style designs.

The other 12 locations across the country include; Green Bay Wisconsin, Downey California, Montrose, Colorado, Muncie, Indiana, Lewiston, Idaho, Magnolia, New Jersey, Winter Haven, Florida, Belleville, Illinois, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Warren, Michigan, South Houston, Texas, and South Houston, Texas.

McDonald’s at 1587 Shawano Avenue Green Bay, WI
McDonald’s at 1587 Shawano Avenue Green Bay, WI

So if you are looking to spice up your next McDonalds trip when you are in the Apple Valley area, you may want to check this one out! Also, maybe because they have the original arch design, their ice cream machine might be working?

Who knows....

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