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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Last month was one of the driest Aprils on record for the Rochester area.

The National Weather Service says only 0.81 inches of precipitation fell during the month, making it the 4th driest April. It was also the driest April since 1946 - which was the driest April on record with a total of less than half an inch (.46”).

The only other Aprils which were drier were 1943 (0.69 inches - 2nd driest) and 1936 (0.79 inches - 3rd driest).

There was only a trace of snow during April. Rochester’s normal April snowfall is just over 3 inches. This was in contrast to the last 3 Aprils where the average snowfall was 11.2 inches (17 inches in 2018, 8.2 inches in 2019, and 8.5 inches in 2020).

The recent dry weather has left most of southeast Minnesota in a moderate drought.

The dry spell began to dissipate after the Rochester area received nearly 8-tenths of an inch of rain during the first 5 days of May but it has been dry since then and the moisture deficit has risen to more than 3 inches.

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