What is the perfect Christmas? According to a new survey, it has to have snow, a tree, and a few more surprising things...

I s'pose the PERFECT Christmas is really a matter of opinion, but a surprising number of people agreed on a few major points. Let's take a look.

  • Sleep in a bit, waking up just before 8 AM
  • Make sure there's at least one real Christmas tree in the house or at least a real wreath.
  • Have Y-105FM on for Christmas Music
  • Snow. New snowfall is the best. In fact, this is the only time new snow is OK in Rochester.
  • On average, seven gifts.
  • Watching five Christmas movies.
  • Having the family together. And if not, then calling them early in the morning!
  • Eat like it is Thanksgiving, around 2 PM was the average answer. (Me, I say make it a dinner dinner...but that's just so I can sleep in and then have a pre-nap, and then have a nap, then the post nap nap, and, if there's a time, a before bedtime nap.)

Did I miss anything?

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