I love Easter candy.  I have two favorites - Reese's peanut butter eggs and black jelly beans.  Most people turn up their noses at black jelly beans, but I love them!  Except they turn my tongue black!
Grocery shopping today I spotted some new Peeps!  While I'm not a fan of Peeps, I will eat one, just because it's Easter.  Just like I eat a slice of turkey when it's Thanksgiving.  

New Peeps

I picked up some of the new Peeps Delights for the peeps at work.  Marshmallow dipped in decadent milk chocolate and lemon flavored marshmallow dipped in decadent lemon fudge. Interesting.  If nothing else, they're cute!
Have you ever read the ingredients in Peeps?  Sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, fumaric acid, maltodextrin, carnauba wax, yellow dye #5 and a few other scary-sounding things.
We haven't tried the new Peeps yet.  Maybe I'll pass!  What's your favorite Easter candy?

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