Most people who know me, probably all people who know me well, know that I love penguins.  Today is World Penguin Day.  Why April 25?   It's the day when
penguins begin their migration north.  In addition to that little tidbit, I learned more about these adorable flightless birds.
Penguin nesting spots are called rookeries.  One rookery may be inhabited by thousands of penguin couples.
Penguins are not the only flightless birds. There are about 40 flightless bird species including emus, kiwis and ostriches.
There are 17 species of penguins, thirteen of which are endangered.
Penguins aren't black and white just so they look cute.  Their black backs help penguins blend into the ocean so overhead predators have difficult seeing them.  Their white bellies help camouflage penguins against the snow and sky, as well as making it difficult for underwater predators to see them.
There you have it.  I little lesson about penguins.  While you're here, take a look at just a few of the penguins in my collection.  Happy World Penguin Day!

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