Courtesy of the National Weather Service in La Crosse, Wisconsin, we can take a deeper look into some of the top weather events of 2016.

You can see the entire list HERE. They also have some pretty sweet photos you can check out, too.

In our area, I found a couple different ones really interesting. This list goes around the entire region including parts of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. I narrowed down a few that I found to be the most interesting below that pertained to our area of southeast Minnesota.

Many of the events had to do with rain and snow, because they impact our daily lives the most.

Number two on the list was the record rain fall across the region. Any location that didn't break a record was in the top ten! Harmony, had 49.36 inches of rainfall in 2016. That is an incredible amount of rain.

Number eight on the list was the Ground Hog's Day Winter Storm that dropped snowfall rates of 2'' per hour, while the wind blew between 35 and 45 mph. Almost all schools were closed, as the roads were snow covered quickly.

Number five on the list was the late freeze in May. It was one of the latest freezes on record and it caused a lot of damage to area fruit crops. Crop loss was well into the Millions dollars and ranged from 30% to as much as 90% depending on location. It also resulted in a USDA disaster declaration.

What do you think was the biggest weather event of 2016?