Netflix customers have reportedly been getting an email that looks pretty legit from Netflix, asking them to update the following information:

  • The name on your credit card
  • Credit card number
  • Card expiration date
  • 3-digit security code
  • Social Security number

According to article on, In the email, there is a link that sends you to a website that looks exactly like the real Netflix site, but it is NOT! After filling out the information it redirects you to the actual Netflix site.

It looks pretty legit, but it is not, so be extremely careful who you are giving personal information to.

Netflix has said that it will NEVER ask for personal information over an email, including payment information and social security number.

On Netflix's website, they have a list of ways to help keep your password and account protected:

  • Use a unique password for Netflix and change it periodically
  • Be aware of phishing attempts
  • Keep your computer safe
  • Sign out of unused devices
  • Report security flaws to Netflix

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