Sports Director. Salesperson. Dashing and dapper man-about-town. That's KFIL's Devon Krueger. However, did you know, or do you remember, that he uses his charming ways to interview farm animals?

In honor of June Dairy Month, let's take a look back to 2014 when Devon visited the Todd and Sue Hendrickson farm, Roadside Dairy, and interviewed the now famous Daphne the Cow. Admittedly, Daphne is quite a striking example of dairy cows. She wasn't the least bit nervous in front of the camera, answered questions appropriately and with a bit of humor, and was even moooved to relieve herself in front of everyone present! Devon even asked Daphne for a mooooovie date, but I never heard if that took place. And who could forget our sweet little Jezlyn eating her ice cream!

So watch and relive the laughs with Devon and Daphne. All of us here at KFIL salute the hard-working men and women who make their living in the dairy industry. Happy June Dairy Month!

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