I am not a father, so I have no idea what fathers want. If I was a father, I do not think I would want a gift. Yes, gifts are nice, but as a father, I would think they would want something different.

Here are three things that you can take your father too, or accomplish with our father that will make this weekend a joy for him. All of these are possible here in Southeast Minnesota, which makes it even better!


1. Fishing

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Take your dad to a nearby lake, pond or stream and enjoy some time on the water and reel in some awesome fish! Trout fishing is great here in our area, but could even take a mini-road trip to nearby lakes to get some solid bass or walleye!



2. Go to a baseball game

TSM Rochester

Hanging out with dad at a ballgames is one of my best childhood memories. I was lucky enough to check out many different ballparks, and it was always cool to experience that with your dad. There is always something good going on at the ball field, regardless of the score.

The Twins have four games this weekend, so if you want to take dad to Target field, that is a true possibility, if not, check out an area team play!

3. Help Complete a Project

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I am not sure what it is about dads, but they seem to love getting that do it yourself project done. It may be helping clean the garage, or it might be putting up a new shelf in the bathroom. Either way, father's need help to get that stuff done, and this weekend you could do just that. Unless, your father doesn't want too, then don't do it at all.