Well, like they say, it's Minnesota-- if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it'll change, right?


And, it looks like things could be changing... big time for southeast Minnesota later this week. While we enjoyed an incredible week last week, filled with sunshine and temperatures way above normal for this time of year, those are both heading outta here.

And, yes... we could even see some of that s-word later this week! (That'd be 'snow', of course.)

According to meteorologist Megan Mulford at Weather-Eye, Quick Country could, in fact, see some of the white stuff on Friday of this week. It's all part of a cold front that Megan says will push through Minnesota this week, dropping high temperatures in the later half of the week into the mid 30's, along with the chance for some mixed precipitation that could start out as snow.

Now, don't worry, though-- Megan says if we DO see any snow, it'll quickly melt or change over to rain. So we don't have to bust out the shovels or snowblowers just yet. But, yes, don't be surprised if there's some white stuff falling from the skies later this week.

And I was just hoping we'd get our first full-scale frost that would finally get rid of all those pesky box elder bugs. Turns out we'll probably get that-- along with some extra cold precipitation I didn't ask for!


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