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They were rated as the Best Donuts in Minnesota, then they suddenly went away last weekend. But you can now get those baked goodies again-- and they're just 90 minutes from Rochester.

I'm talking about the donuts made at the Lindström Bakery in Lindström, Minnesota. (It's located a little northeast of the Twin Cities, just over an hour and half away from Rochester.) They made Food and Wine Magazine's most recent list of The Best Donuts in America as the place that serves the best bakery items here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The bakery itself has been around for over 100 years, and according to its website, it "crafts locally baked goods for the surrounding communities using our award-winning recipes."

If you've been following along, the original owner of the Lindström Bakery (Bernie Coulombe) signed an agreement earlier this year to sell the business to Eric and Angie Richey, who announced they were keeping those authentic recipes for Minnesota's Best Donuts.

But then last Friday, less than two months later, Eric and Angie announced that the Lindstrom Bakery would be closed again on Saturday, April 2nd. Which it was, after the sale apparently fell through. But there's good news: As of Monday morning (Apr 4th), the Lindström Bakery is back open, with Bernie behind the counter making those incredible donuts again!

According to a post on the Lindström Bakery, Inc. Facebook page, Bernie is keeping the business open again while she searches for a new owner to buy the bakery and keep producing those delicious donuts:

Of course, while Lindström Bakery is just the latest Minnesota business to get some national attention, it's not the only one. Keep scrolling to check out all the Minnesota restaurants that have been featured in the national spotlight on the Food Network!

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