It hurt me too. We celebrated every moment of the "Minneapolis Miracle" and hoped that the same team could lead us to the Superbowl. Unfortunately, things just didn't quite work out that way. I came up with this list to help all of us.

The Minnesota Vikings were sadly defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles last night. Even though a 14-4 season is fantastic - this loss still stings.

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings
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If you're feeling as crappy about it as I am, maybe these five things will help all of us feel a little better!

Here's some tips that might help us get over this...

  1. Drink. It's been a rough week, an extra beer or two is certainly called for. Just don't drive and do it.
  2. Eat lots of pizza. Comfort food is always amazing! My go to is pizza. Go for whatever yours is this week!
  3. Burn anything Eagles related. Call up that cousin in Philly in ask to "borrow" his Eagles shirt - burn it and never return it. Less extreme: just "lose" the item.
  4. Continue wearing your purple pride. No one said you had to stop wearing your favorite Vikings gear. Wear it in the face of adversity!
  5. Send love to your favorite Viking. Wanna tweet at Stefon Diggs and thank him for giving you hope anyway? Do it! Spreading kindness is classy, and nutures your soul too.

How do these ideas sound? What was your reaction to the loss?

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