Are you in the market for some new blue jeans?

Maybe try something else besides Levi’s or some other brand? Maybe you’re REALLY thinking of something different - like muddy jeans.

That’s right - jeans that are already muddy.

They are currently being marketed by Nordstrom and they’re not cheap. Try $425 per pair! Shipping is free, though.

And get this - it’s not real mud that is staining the jeans but some artificial ingredient.Still, the Nordstrom picture of the jeans indicates they look like the real thing!

The new product from Nordstrom is making the social media rounds and has caught the attention of TV personality Mike Rowe and others.

One question buyers of this new type of denim will have to deal with is - when do you wash them? And another question - should you buy more than one pair? And yet another - would you wear them to work, church, a wedding or a dinner date?

What do you think?