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St Paul (KROC AM News) - It weighed 350 tons and was nearly as long as a football field - and it actually made its way to Wisconsin on Minnesota roads.

It must have been something to see.

The Minnesota Dept of Transportation recently released some background on this unique cargo that ended a two-week trip in Superior, Wisconsin.

How do you move something that weighs as much as a blue whale? MnDOT's Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations recently assisted in moving a truck load that weighed as much as two. This oversize haul clocked in just under 700,000 lbs. or 350 tons. The cargo, a 280-foot-long deisobutanizer tower used in removing gases from crude oil, began its journey on Nov. 6 in Oklahoma City. It crossed 6 states, including Minnesota, traveling at an average speed of 35 mph before it landed in Superior, Wis. on Nov. 21. A load like this is often a long-term project requiring months, sometimes years of planning. The move took just over 15 days and involved 16 people.

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