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Mowing the lawn is one of those weekly chores we all have to do (if you're a property owner and don't have a lawn service), but you don't have to worry about it in Rochester this summer.

Let me explain. Now, if your lawn is like ours, you've probably already fired up the lawnmower at least once already. (And, by the way, do you say 'mow the lawn,' or 'cut the grass'? Check out the ongoing debate HERE.) We do it because it makes our yards look nice and well-cared-for, right? Of course, if you live in the city of Rochester, you HAVE to keep your lawn maintained-- it's the law.

Okay, technically it's an ordinance (specifically, Rochester city ordinance chapter 8.5) that states: 'It shall be unlawful and a public nuisance for any person having control of any property in the city to permit or maintain on such property any noxious weeds, or growth of grass and weeds in excess of 12 inches in height,' and that 'No owner shall permit such weeds and grass to be a public nuisance, but shall abate the nuisance by cutting the weeds and grass and removing the clippings.'

If you don't, you could face a fine and also be responsible for the cost of the city mowing your lawn for you. Except for this year. Because 2020, already being the strangest year in our lifetimes, is the year that the city of Rochester has suspended that ordinance through October. Which means you don't HAVE to mow your lawn! (You can read more about why the city is taking its focus off long lawns this year HERE.)

At least, legally, that is. I'm guessing you (or your spouse, perhaps) will still want to keep that lawn looking nice and tidy, so, yeah, you'll probably still have to get out the mower. But at least it's not the LAW this year!

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