Minnesota is not doing to bad as far as being a Green State goes. According to wallethub.com, Minnesota is ranked as the seventh Greenest State. The states above us are:

1. Vermont
2. Massachusetts
3. Oregon
4. Washington
5. Connecticut
6. Maine.

No. 8 went to New York, No. 9 is New Hampshire and No. 10 Rhode Island

The worst state is Wyoming.

Minnesota ranked 22nd in air quality, first in soil quality (tied with Michigan), third in water quality, second in percentage of recycled municipal solid waste, 25th in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings per capita, 13th in percentage of energy consumption from renewable sources, and 24th in gasoline consumption.

Wyoming had the highest air quality, California had the lowest, not a big surprise. Highest water quality was Connecticut, lowest New York. Lowest soil quality went to New Mexico. Most LEED certified buildings per capita went to New Mexico, lowest was Iowa.

Maine, Montana, South Dakota, Oregon and Washington tied at No. 1 for highest percentage of energy consumption from renewable sources Delaware was lowest. Lowest gasoline gallons per capita consumed went to New York, highest went to North Dakota. Maine was above us in percentage of recycled municipal solid waste and Louisiana was No. 50.

So there are areas Minnesota could do better, but we should be pretty proud of how green we are.

Beluvv Guardian



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