Not far from Rochester sits this gem, a restaurant being hailed one of the best new restaurants in America! Have you been there?

Young Joni

It's called Young Joni, and it's located in Minneapolis. It has been open for less than a year, but already creating quite the buzz. According to GQ Magazine, it's one of the best new restaurants in America!

Restaurant management describes Young Joni as a fine-dining experience. A place of hospitality, warmth and everyday celebration. With a menu that’s traditional with a twist, approachable but different, and an atmosphere both welcoming and sophisticated, it’s a place made for slowing down, feeling special, and savoring the extraordinary experience of living.

Young Joni owners Ann Kim and Conrad Leifur also own two other restaurants in the Twin Cities, Pizzeria Lola and Hello Pizza.

Young Joni

While pizza is their main focus at Young Joni, they also serve other food items inspired from Korean dishes (Kim's heritage).

Also, while there’s meat on the menu, there are no steaks. Instead there are meat and fish kebabs and meatballs. It encourages mixing and matching, and not being reliant on traditional courses of protein, vegetables and starch.