Hold on to your tiny umbrellas, cuz Applebee's is back with another mixed drink promotion this month!

Margaritas... Long Islands... what could Applebee's possibly roll out next for their popular dollar mixed drink promotion? Ahhh yes, how about the often forgotten Bahama Mama?!

Credit: Applebee's Press Release
Credit: Applebee's Press Release

For the entire month of February, Applebee's will be offering up Bahama Mamas for just a buck. Applebee's teased that a dollar drink special was on the horizon on Facebook using the hashtag #DollarMama.

A Bahama Mama, traditionally, is made with rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice and a little bit of coffee liquor. However, according to the offcial press release, their version will be made with white rum and Applebee's new, proprietary mix of pineapple, lime and orange juices with hints of coconut and cherry.

So while this may sound like it's a couple months too early for a tropical drink like this, it doesn't hurt for you close your eyes and pretend you're somewhere else as it's delivered to your table.

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