Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - City Administrator Steve Rymer is proposing the creation of five new jobs to cut costs.

The Rochester City Council agenda on Monday includes the presentation of a plan developed by city staff to bring on new employees to assume the Destination Medical Center program management services that are currently assigned to a consulting firm. Assistant City Administrator Aaron Parrish prepared the report, which says the city paid about $700,000 to the SRF firm this year for those services.

The recommendation states that it is anticipated that the “in house” model will cost significantly less and allow more hours to be allocated to project needs. While the cost of hiring and equipping five new staff members would exceed $700,000, the report notes those employees would also be assigned to other DMC administrative duties that could save the city close to a half million dollars over the next two years. The report also lists some upcoming DMC projects that will sustain the need for additional administrative in coming years.

If the City Council decides to move forward with the “in house” model, it still needs the approval of the Destination Medical Center Corporation Board.

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