So I walked around Mabel on a Sunday afternoon again. This time I had to bundle up a bit more, and I started out late so my step count ended up about 800 steps away from my 10,000 step goal. So, after the wild finish to the Daytona 500, I went out there.

I had already noticed when I had went outside earlier in the day there had been some dripping down onto the steps outside. The driveway was already done and fine by Saturday morning, so I looked for where the snow and ice was remaining in town.

First I noticed some ice forming from some drippings from the house, then I made my way to see a whole lot more. A lot of it was just dusting, as the snow had been melting through mid-week last week. Here are a few pictures.

It somewhat feels like winter again. More winter sports on the air as we have high school basketball! Mabel-Canton is one of the teams featured this week!


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